News 2010

Dutch Valtra claims Euro Cup title

1166 1Next Sensation at the European Championship in Hörby


The last round of the Euro Cup that was due to be held on Sunday in Bakel, the Netherlands had to be cancelled due to persistent rain. Since the event could not be run, all the competitors who had arrived in Bakel were awarded the same number of points. This means that the Valtra Shell Pulling Team’s strong sprint to the finish line in recent weeks was cut short, and the standings from the previous rounds remain unchanged. Accordingly, Sigma Power was fourth, Caesar sixth, Doris eight and Countdown fourteenth in the overall point standings.

Even though the Valtra Shell Pulling Team did not claim the Euro Cup title this year, another Valtra tractor did. Next Sensation from the Netherlands took victory by five points over Rocky, another Dutch tractor. Next Sensation also claimed the Dutch championship, which is by far the most competitive national tractor pulling series. In the European Championships, Next Sensation came in second place.

The Valtra Shell Pulling Team’s season is over for this year. The team is satisfied with its gold and bronze medals from the European Championships, but the cancellation of the last round of the Euro Cup was a disappointment considering the team’s strong performance in recent weeks. With the new turbos and other changes that were made to the tractors, the team’s tractors could have improved their positions significantly in the last round.