News 2010

Even competition in Herning


Pekka Herlevi took third place with Sigma Power in a very even EuroCup competition in Herning, Denmark, 24-25 July. The weather and track conditions were perfect, so the spectators could see plenty of full pulls.

Valtra Shell Pulling Team was present with all four machines. Matti Herlevi drove to eighth place with Caesar and Johanna Herlevi came in on position 9 with Countdown and 12 with Doris. "The EuroCup competition has been very even this season, and even small irregularities with the equipment or during the pull can have a big impact on the final standings", comments Pekka Herlevi.

The team will now concentrate their efforts on the next EuroCup competition in Bouconville, 21-22 August. "We have already been testing a new turbo with view to the European Championship in Sweden. Now we will need to make sure that all our tractors qualify" says Pekka.

EuroCup standings after the Bouconville competition decide who gets to go to the European Championship in September. To qualify the tractor´s overall EuroCup points need to be greater than 50% of those of the EuroCup leader. In addition, there is one slot for the winner of the Finnish Championship, which is currently lead by Countdown.