News 2010

Tractor pulling season gets underway in rainy Sweden


The Valtra Shell Pulling Team opened its 2010 season in drizzly conditions in Lidköping, Sweden. The light rain had little effect on the competition arrangements or spectators, however, and several thousand people were on hand to enjoy the well-organised event.

The team participated this year with four tractors and three drivers. All the tractors performed well, and the competition was tight again, as it was at the end of last season. All the Valtra tractors made it through to the pull-off. In the final results Matti Herlevi drove Caesar into third, Johanna Herlevi drove Doris into fourth, Johanna drove Countdown into seventh and Pekka Herlevi drove Sigma Power into eighth. The distance separating first and tenth was just over ten metres.

All four Valtra Shell Pulling Team tractors have been entered into this summer’s Euro Cup, but at some events only three of the tractors will be present due to Johanna’s family obligations. Only Matti and Pekka are expected to drive in Bernay, France, for example. Antti Hyyppä, who has worked as the team’s mechanic and driver, is also unavailable this season as he is busy building a new house for himself.