News 2011

Competition intensifies in the Euro Cup


The competition is intensifying as the tractor pulling season progresses in the Pro Stock category of the Euro Cup. Different teams and tractors are winning events, and the longest pulls are separated by only a few centimetres. The competition has been further intensified by the fact that one event was cancelled due to rain. Going into the last event in Herning, Denmark, on 31 July, any of the ten best tractors could theoretically still take overall victory. The second to last event took place in Putten, the Netherlands, on 9 July.

"Caesar made a good pull on both runs. In the pull-off Countdown veered to the side of the track and had to be steered by braking, which reduced the distance. Doris came up just 29 centimetres short of qualifying for the pull-off. Sigma suffered engine damage on the first pull. It was probably a piston, but we won´t know for sure until we get back to the workshop," reports Pekka Herlevi.

The weather was quite damp, and the track had less and less grip as the event progressed, so the first tractors to pull had the advantage.