The Valtra Pulling Team competes with three Pro Stock tractors in Europe. Team concentrates on the 3.5ton Pro Stock Class.

Only diesel tractors race in this class. The competition tractors are based on current Valtra models with many of the components same with T Series tractors.

The basic structure of the Pro Stock tractor is very similar to a standard tractor and for example the reliable Valtra HiTech Powershift can be used in tractor pullers to change the speed ratios under the load.

The tractors of the team are powered with a AGCO Power engine.

These pro Stock tractors can generate well over 2 000 hp with just one single turbocharger.

Tried and tested

Valtra’s competitive activities promotes research and development, providing valuable information about tractor performance under extreme loads and how to transmit power to the ground in the most optimal way. In other words, the data provided by our tractor pulling activities helps us maximise the productivity of your Valtra, too.

T series

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Technical Data of Valtra Pulling Tractors

Engine HiTech Transmission
AGCO Power Speed range 40 - 130 km/h, acceleration 0 – 100 km/h 4 s
Max. engine power: 2700/5550 hp/rpm Crower clutch, 4 discs
Max. Torque: 3800/4800 Nm/rpm Tyres
Turbo: > 8 bar Firestone Puller 24.5 - 32
Speed range: 40-100 km/h Dimension and weight
  Wheel base 2,900mm
  Weight 3,500kg
  Competitive act
  Race class Pro Stock 3,500kg
  Competing season from May until the end of September