Team Herlevi to start the new pulling season with two tractors

The Herlevi family will be starting the 2017 tractor pulling season with two tractors. Peach Tea, formerly known as Doris, was sold to a Finnish buyer who plans to compete mainly in Finland to begin with.

Team Herlevi will be competing with Green Apple and Mad-Croc Energy. The team’s main drivers are Matti and Pekka Herlevi with Johanna Herlevi and Ville-Matti Vuollet standing by if needed.

The team’s ambitions are as high as ever. The Herlevis plan to compete in the European Championships, all rounds of the Euro Cup and any rounds of the Finnish Championships that do not conflict with the international meets. They will also compete in at least invitational meets before the start of the season and possibly more over the summer.

The season is quite long this year. It begins on 6 May with the first round of the Finnish Championship in Alahärmä and concludes with the European Championships in Store, Holland, on 8-9 September.