Team Next Sensation


Since 2001 Carlo Gerton and Jurian Duijn are competing in the Tractor Pulling sport. Starting as young guys in the Compact Diesel class. Soon they being successful in the sport and several victories followed and being Dutch and European champion in 2004.

After this they are searching with a growing group of enthusiastic team members for a bigger challenge. A young boys dream was coming out with a plan to compete in the Pro-stock class. Inspired by the strong and reliable technic of the current competing Valtra tractors at that time they decided to build a Valtra for competiting.

In 2006 was the release of the Next Senstion Valtra Pro-stock. After several podium places and a victory at the season ending they became the rookie of the year of 2006. After learning and learning the year 2009 became a year of big improvements, in a strong season they become the Euro-cup champion of 2009.

Continuous performance with their Valtra tractor was the key for success in 2010 they claimed the National Dutch title, became Euro-cup champion and being part at second place of the Valtra podium at the EC in Sweden.

2011 was a tough year at International level but in the strong Dutch competition they where victoried at second time in their career for the Dutch title. After a difficult season in 2012 the team decided to rebuild the Next Sensation with complete new technic and complete new style for the future.

Next Sensation Pulling Team

Jurian Duijn


Born in 4th July 1984

Lives in Heerhugowaard

Profession: Flower grower

Team function: Driver & PR



Wizards of the pit


Carlo Duijn

Born 19th January 1981

Lives in Heerhugowaard

Profession: Flower bulbs grower

Team function: Head Mechanic


Peter Flapper

Born 10th November 1980

Lives in Langedijk

Profession: Office empolyee Sijs b.v

Team function: Mechanic


Jeroen Beerepoot

Born 2 June 1983

Lives in Opmeer

Profession: warehouse employee Sijs b.v

Team function: Mechanic & Truck driver


Mario van der Lee

Born 28th December 1983

Lives in Heerhugowaard

Profession: Truck driver by Sijs b.v

Team function: Mechanic & Truck Driver




Technical data

  • Engine: SisuDiesel 74 ETA Fortius
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Max. RPM: 6500
  • Engine Capacity : 8.2 litres
  • Fuel : Diesel
  • Injection System: CDS Billet 17mm
  • Turbo: Diesellandia 5 inch
  • Turbo Press: 6 bar
  • Extra engine equipment: Intercooler and waterinjection system
  • Clutch: Crower 4 clutch
  • Hi-tech 4 gears


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